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Happy Mother’s and Other’s Day!–It Takes an Army

My boys May 2019

Being a mom is hard!

It’s 24/7/365 with few if any breaks.

It’s more give than take with only a small margin for error.

But in the midst of all the sacrifices and sleepless nights—there are blessings, rewards, and benefits that make the whole thing worth it. That gives us the strength and energy to get up and do it all again the next day.

The most significant rewards are watching your child fall in love with Jesus and following Him whole-heartedly.

There’s also nothing like getting a front-row seat to watch them apply the lessons you’ve labored over.

Being a mom is one of the greatest joys in my life! But it’s not just being a mom to our four incredible boys I relish; it’s also being a mom to others in their generation who Jesus brings into my life. Those who I “adopt” as my own. Those who I can’t help but love, nurture, and discipline (when necessary).

I’m constantly amazed by how Jesus continually expands my heart and capacity to love these kids, to absorb them in my life as if they’re my own. Some don’t even know how much I love and pray for them; they just know they’re cared for and safe.

I’m awestruck by how God gives me the opportunity to do life with them. To laugh and cry. To mourn and rejoice. I celebrate with these kids like I do with my own boys, and my heart swells with pride for the young men and women they are becoming.

I cannot overstate how important “my kids” are to me. How precious.

I love, love, love pouring into their lives. Encouraging and mentoring them. Listening and helping them through challenges and struggles. Helping them think five steps ahead while considering the here and now. Giving advise and telling them God’s story.

And then sitting back and watching God move; even if they can’t see it—I can.

…And when they surrender to Jesus, whether for the first time or as they learn to follow Him…there’s nothing like it!

Also, there’s no way I can put into words how they enhance my life.

I love being the second mom to so many kids and young adults. Being called “Mom” by those I don’t share genetics with. Being that Other person to help guide them; to help them see things in a different light, to offer a new perspective.

I love how so many of “my kids” love me back in tender and unanticipated ways.

And if that wasn’t enough, many of “my kids” also whole-heartedly support me as a writer!

My point?

You don’t have to be a mother to make a difference. To enhance or change a life.

You can be an aunt, grandmother, or friend. You can choose to step in and fill in the gaps. Offer encouragement. To come alongside and be a guide, a mentor, a voice of reason.

You are that vital person who can change the trajectory of the lives of those in the generation behind you!

Let’s be real, Moms, how many times have you told your kids something, tried to teach them something, labored to explain something; and they don’t get it. Refuse to listen. Don’t hear the words you say. But then someone else says it—in the same way, with the same words, everything—and they get it! The light bulb goes on—finally! And they’re excited about this amazing “new thing” they learned?

Ha! Yup! Here too.

Instead of being resentful, I’m thankful for these Others who choose to pour into the lives of my children and help me raise them into men. I’m thankful for their sacrifice. For their gracious giving when they weren’t required to. I honestly couldn’t do it without them.

Mothers, we ARE important to our kids’ lives! But so are you, Others.

I’m so thankful to have Others in my boys’ lives and to be the Other in the lives of others. Ladies, you are making a HUGE difference, whether you know it or not. The impact you are having on those young lives will not be fully known this side of heaven, but I pray you will see the fruit of your labor here on earth.

Tomorrow I get to share about one of the Others in my boys’ lives.

Then, the next day, I’m handing you a challenge…

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!

Blessings, xoxo

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