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Take 5: Making the Best Use of Our Time

Time. Of all of the earthly resources God gave us, this may be the most priceless. And the most taken for granted, abused, and wasted.

We get what we get, and that’s it.

We can’t control it or influence it.

We can’t make, purchase, or barter for more.

We can’t save it or preserve it.

We can’t manipulate it or negotiate with it.

We can’t steal it or borrow anyone else’s.

But we CAN manage, use, and invest it well.

And it starts with echoing the sincerity of Moses’s prayer:

Teach [me] to realize the brevity of life, so that [I] may grow in wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

Moses’ deepest desire was to know God intimately and to use his time on Earth to honor and serve Him faithfully in EVERYTHING he did.

Does that resonate with you as it does me?

Now, let’s take this a step further and shift our focus.

Jesus is coming again! Amen?!

This was His promise, and His promises are TRUE! However, the day and hour of His return are unknown to Him, the angels, and us. Only God the Father knows the exact moment His Son will come to claim His Bride, His Faithful Followers. And incredibly, He’s given us signs in Scripture to look for so we’ll know when the season draws near. (Questions as to what they are? here is and excellent resource!)

However, we’re not meant to remain idle while we wait. We’re to prepare ourselves for our Groom!

My friend, our time here is short. So let’s determine to use it well whether at work, play, or rest. And let’s keep our eyes fixed on eternity as we prepare for our Groom.

Jesus, I struggle with time management, but I’m determined to steward this priceless resource well. Thank You for helping me grasp how I use my time has eternal rewards and consequences because it’s with my time I do Your will. Open my heart and mind as I study Your Word so I can understand what You want me to do, act thoughtfully, and make the most of every opportunity. Most of all, Jesus, I’m desperate to use my time to honor You as I faithfully, expectantly wait well and prepare (and help others prepare) for Your return.



The Book Of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah

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