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Take 5: Our Attitude. Our Choice.

Where we fix our thoughts is our choice.

And it’s a crucial choice.

Why? Because what we fix our thoughts on, is what we invite into our heart. And what’s in our heart determines our attitude.

When we have a bad day, when things aren’t going our way—where is our focus? On our irritations. Disappointments. Hurts. And our attitude? It’s in the toilet. And like a greased pig, those negative thoughts shoot off in every direction, stirring up all kinds chaos and in our heart and mind—repelling those we most want to reach with Christ’s Gospel.

Let me remind you, Satan is still the prince of this fallen world, so bad things are going to happen. Count on it. We’re going to get hurt. Promises will be broken. People will gossip about us and undermine our efforts. Friends will be jealous of our success. Co-workers and people we trust will steal our positions and ideas. Stress is inevitable. Workloads will be unbearable. We’ll face obstacles and road blocks.

BUT, remember WHOSE you are! This world is NOT our home!

In our times of disappointment and hurt, when our attitude stinks, we must determine to fix our thoughts on Jesus, so we can praise Him with a joyful heart—even through our tears.

The Enemy is going to do everything in his power to break you. To destroy you. But your Savior has you in His hands—making you. Shaping you. And Satan is TERRIFIED! He knows the power your story has in to point others to Jesus. He knows the strength of your faith will encourage others to grow in their own. He knows you are a threat to the Gates of Hell as an Ambassador of The King!

So guard your attitude.

And ask yourself, “Where is my focus today? This moment?”

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. ~ Proverbs 17:22, ESV



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