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Take 5: Come To Me–The Gentle, Humble Teacher

Life’s demands grind us down in the best of times. But since Covid, our lives have radically changed, possibly forever. Each burden we carry is elephantine with trepidation and insecurity compounding the weight. Fear snakes its way around our decisions and dreams. And unbelief haunts our steps.

Have you wondered: Where is God in all of this? Is He still in control? Does He still love and care for us? For me?

The answer is, “YES!” He’s right where He’s always been, waiting for you to accept His invitation to come (back) to Him. He’s still in control and loves you. My friend, the absence of normal, ease, and the way things used to be doesn’t equate an absence of God—even if it feels like it.

As we rest under the shadow of His wings, Jesus invites us to learn from Him. To be encouraged, strengthened, and equipped by His Word. He’s a gentle and humble teacher even if His teaching doesn’t seem to be.

Scripture is vibrantly relevant to our day-to-day lives because it’s the inerrant and inspired Word of God. (2 Tim 3:16-17) It’s alive and powerful. It fully exposes our innermost, concealed thoughts and desires. Nothing is hidden from God. And He’s the one to whom we’re accountable. (Hebrews 4:12-13)

This Truth isn’t something to recoil from but to rejoice over!


It’s critical for our salvation and our becoming more like Jesus! Because without knowing what’s wrong in our lives, we can’t confess and repent of it and lay it down. Nor can we receive forgiveness, be refined or restored. Instead, we’d still be burdened with guilt and shame. Separated from The Father. But Jesus gives us a better way. He tenderly, humbly, and gently shepherds our hearts with His teaching to prepare and equip us to do every good work.

The Bible

Is our eternal bread of life. ~ Matthew 4:4, 24:35

Keeps our way pure. Lights our way. ~ Psalm 119:9, 105

Blesses us when we hear it, read it, study it, and put it into action. ~ Luke 11:28

Satisfies us by it’s Truth. ~ John 17:17

Revives our soul. Makes us wise. ~ Psalm 19:7

Is Truth. ~ John 17:17

Is the power of God for salvation. ~ Romans 1:16

Heals. Delivers us from destruction. ~ Psalm 107:20

Is our sword. ~ Ephesians 6:17

Blessings, xoxo

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