Come on in. I’m so glad you came. Please take a seat and allow you to share a little of my story with you, why I started this website/blog, and what my future goals are for this site, publishing, and you.

My Story ~

I grew up in the Church. I did Sunday school, VBS, midweek church, and youth group. I went to Bible camp, attended retreats and conferences, and participated in various mission trips. I knew the Bible stories, asked Jesus in my heart at an early age, and believed in God. BUT it wasn’t until 2004, while going through the healing process from repressed memories of sexual abuse, that I started to BELIEVE God.

This was the darkest time of my life. And as I groped for Light, Truth, Hope, and Healing my Savior scooped my up in His arms and made me a promise: “Yes, you are shattered. You feel empty, lost and abandoned. But if you follow me, I will take you down to your foundation and reenforce it. Then I will rebuild you and make you new. All the while, I will give you a heart that beats for Me.” Oh, how I wanted that! I immediately agreed to follow Him. Then He added, “When I determine you’re ready, I’m going to use those repressed memories for My glory.” Not sure how or where that would lead, I consented. And Jesus was faithful.

While healing, He gave me a voracious appetite for His Word. I didn’t realize how malnourished I was! I was starving for its sustenance. But reading it wasn’t enough for me. I loaded up on Bible study aids and commentaries, listened to various teachers, and participated in a women’s Bible study group. And as my faith exploded, I healed.

Fast forward to Spring 2014. I took our two oldest boys (14 and 11) to LifeWay to get their own Bible study. Now, I know this store well—maybe too well—but I couldn’t find the youth Bible studies anywhere. After asking, we found a handful of age-appropriate Bible studies on a shelf in the children’s section next to the board books. All the way home I fumed over how few options there were. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t more to offer tweens or youth. To make matters worse, I couldn’t find anything for my college-bound mentees or those already in college. Then my grumbling reached God’s ears. “You’re right, there’s isn’t. Now you write one.” Astonished, I did what any Daughter of the King would do—I bursted out laughing and went on my merry little way, telling no one about this.

Summer melted away, and fall’s chilly air was accompanied by Pumpkin Spice…and God reminding me of what He called me to do the previous Spring. I tried ignoring Him. I tried arguing with Him. But He was relentless. He was gentle but firm, at first. He listened to me whine that He had the wrong girl. I wasn’t qualified. I had a BS in horticulture (2013), not a pastoral degree. I had no experience. I didn’t know how…oh, the excuses were endless. Then He reminded me of my promise 10 years earlier.

In November, over the course of 10 days; I heard, read, and was sent no less than 15 different messages on that Parable of the Talents. Remember, no one knew what I was wrestling God over. This was between Him and me. The last Talent message was delivered in our youth ministry large groups session. I was sitting among my small group girls and couldn’t stop shaking through the entire message. Each word was an arrow to my heart, perfectly aimed by the Hand of God. Afterwards, on the way to my car, God blazed me, “In case you missed it, I’m not kidding.” I cried all the way home.

That night I surrendered. I started writing devotionals to my girls and the others I was mentoring. God guided my writing, and I thought that was that. What I didn’t realize until Fall 2016 was those devotionals were the beginnings of Bible studies He is leading me to publish and this website/blog page.

Before my surrender, I played the part of Moses at the burning bush to perfection (Exodus 3:1-4:17). And like Moses, God listened to each and every excuse I had and took them all away—leaving me with nothing but obedience. However, as I was busy looking for the back door, Jesus was opening my heart to the fatal epidemic infection our students across our nation—Biblical illiteracy. This is needlessly causing us to suffer from a weakened faith and lack of hope. The good news is, it’s curable. And I am determined to stand in the gap and fight against it.

Several years prior to this, God ignited my heart with passion for students. He has brought a wide variety of them into my life to love and mentor over the last 15+ years. He has also provided the opportunity to serve as a leader in my church’s youth ministry. Over the years, I have learned the biggest challenge most students (and adults) face when it comes to studying the Bible is not knowing how to read it or where to begin.

This awareness is what propelled me to write to you, 11th-12th grade and college-aged students. Granted, God has graciously used my writing to bless a variety of ages, but it is your face I see when I write; because you are at the age where you need to own your own faith, know why you believe what you believe, and be purposeful in growing in your faith. If you grew up in the Church, you need to choose to continue. If you didn’t, the same applies. My ambition is to teach you how to study God’s Word as I reveal its Vibrant Relevance to your day-to-day lives. To show you how to break down the barriers of time, culture differences, and language so you can engage with God’s Word and revel in its teaching. Beloved, I am desperate to share my passion for Jesus and His Word and to light your torch with the same passion as you progress in your own faith walk.

My goals for this website/blog, publishing, and you~

My primary goal with this website/blog is to facilitate your growing relationship with Jesus Christ through devotionals and talking about life issues. Meaning, there are many of life’s challenges that the Bible talks about directly and indirectly. See language changes, culture changes, technology changes, but people don’t change—people are changeless. So the same Scriptures that applied 2000+ years ago are relevant now no matter what your challenges are.

My secondary goal is to add other resources to this site to better equip you in areas where I am not the expert. I will also be sharing more of my story and my experiences of how God has worked in my life to encourage you in your struggles. I want to encourage you to do the same so this site can be a place where we can encourage each other and build each other up.

As I already mentioned, I am writing a Bible study with more to come. I am stepping out in obedience in pursing publication. As of right now, I am searching for an agent to work with in order to take the next step. This is an interesting journey and God has taught me more in the last few years than I thought possible. So I am excited to take you on this journey with me. I am looking forward to sharing what God teaches me about Himself, patience, and handling the highs and lows of this things we call life. I would appreciate your prayers in this journey.

You are why I write. You are the reason I study so hard. You are my inspiration. My goal for you is that you will realized the Bible’s Vibrant Relevance in your day-to-day life. That you will learn how to study it and engage with it; and in the process, fall in love with your Savior.

Please, ask questions. If I don’t know the answer I will do what I can to find it for you. If you have a good resource to share, let me know. I strive to be Biblically correct over politically correct because as culture and politics change, God’s everlasting Truth does not.

Also, if this site blesses you, please share it with friends and family and encourage them to join our family. I look forward to meeting you and watching you grow.

In Him who first loved us,