The Glass Pitcher

Yesterday I felt overwhelmed by life and uninspired to do anything—write, laundry, dishes, make a grocery list, anything. I asked God to help me write something meaningful, but I’ve got nothing. I started a message and stopped. I erased it and started again—and stopped. I repeated this cycle […]

I AM Your Shield

Do you ever feel depleted? Broken? Exhausted? Like you have failed—again? Come before Jesus and lay it at his feet. Let the Great I AM be your shield, your safe place. Let Him restore you from your brokenness, hurt, and shame.

I Was In A Mood

Ever have one of those days? You know what I mean, those days you wake up…in a mood. The attitude you went to bed with steeped all night to produce a potent concoction. It’s not just a grumpy mood quickly fixed by a cup of coffee. No, this […]