What’s Next

I would appreciate your prayers for these upcoming events and goals for in my speaking and publishing journey.

As the ministry God has given me expands and gets more refined, I would greatly appreciate your prayers in

  • Discerning what’s next and what’s God’s BEST
  • How to find “balance” in my new normal
  • Be faithful to what God has called me to do
  • Speaking opportunities.
    • This is a new facet of my ministry, and although I have taught classes and led small groups, I have not had much experience with a microphone and a stage. But I also know this is where God is taking me next…

Book updateAlso, as I wait for word from Harvest House Publishers:

  • Patience for their response
  • Acceptance of their response if they decide not to partner with me
  • If offered a contract that I will accomplish that which God has put before me
  • Wisdom as I continue writing this Bible Study



  • Create and implement a routine to schedule my writing, blogging, and social media posts
  • Better organize my remaining ministry schedule for efficiency and consistency, including purposeful rest (lol) so I can have the best impact on those God brings into my life.
  • Northwestern Christian Writer’s Conference in July 2019


These are more wants and things I would like to do, provided timing and resources are available. I am praying first for my desires to align with God’s, but also telling Him what the desires of my heart are. And if He chooses to bless that He will provide the resources.

  • Get away for another writing week this Fall and/or Spring
  • Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in March 2019