Pause, Reflect

Pause. Breathe. Reflect

Tonight’s sunset is a great reminder to Pause. Remember who God is and that He has not abandoned you in your season of transition. Thank Him for His unfathomable love and constant care. Breathe. Take a few deep cleansing breaths to clear your heart and mind while leaning on your Father for endurance and strength. Ask Him to refresh and restore your heart, mind, body, and soul. Reflect. Reflect on where you have been, all God has done for you, and where He is leading you. Reflect on His promises, even if you are in a season of uncertainty. Rest in His presence and care. 
This may sound simple, but as I watched the sun sink lower in the sky and the colors reflect off the water, I did just that. Did my situation change? No. Did my perspective? Yes. Do I feel more in balance? Not even. Do I trust The One who is? Absolutely.  Did I get the answers I am searching for? No. Did my resolve to follow where my Savior leads strengthen? Definitely. 

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