Tips On How to Keep a Bible Study Journal

Journal pages.1Ok, you guys, here is a page from one of my personal Quiet Time Journals. Ignore the spelling and grammar errors, please. 🙂

Keeping a Bible study journal is my favorite way to engage with Scripture in my quiet time.

It helps me process what I’m reading and slows me down so what I’m reading can penetrate my heart—and change my life. It’s also a way for me to Read More

Goal Setting Part 4: Revamping our Spiritual Life

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Jeremiah 29_13

Goal setting in your spiritual life?

It’s a strange concept, isn’t it?

Maybe not.

If anything, we’re wise to be mindful of our relationship with God and seek ways to improve it. Because let’s face it, if we’re estranged from God, it’s us who moved away…not Him. (See James 4:1-10) Read More

Goal Setting Part 3: New Pathways and New Habits



When I was a little girl one of my favorite things was the first “Big Snow!” (4-6”)

Okay, Minnesota Girl here, stick with me.

I would call my friends, and we would gather at our favorite sledding hill. Once there, we would climb the hill, careful to go through the trees on the sides to preserve the pristine snow. I remember how the anticipation would flow through me. How excited I would get looking down at the hill.



Not a single mark or track in sight.

A blank slate.

We could go down the hill any way we wanted. Read More

Journey to Bethlehem: O Come All Ye Faithful

So it begins

And so it begins.

Do you feel like Christmas has snuck up on us?

I sure do.

I’m having a hard time believing we start December in just a few days. Thanksgiving was just last week as it seems like it was yesterday.

Even as I look at my office right now, I see gifts are starting to arrive. Items I ordered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday litter my floor, waiting to be wrapped.

My tree is up, but it still needs lights and decorations. It’s feet still need to be covered by the tree skirt.

My nativity scene is still packed safely away in its boxes.

My collection of snowmen is still nestled neatly in their totes.

And my heart…

…is far away from Christmas.

Not just Christmas but Bethlehem. Read More

Goal Setting: Determining Home Base

What are your Goals_

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Now back to our normally scheduled programming.

Goal setting is so exciting!!

Goal setting is the process of Read More

Waiting Well–It’s Kind of Like Making Bread


Proverbs 3_5-6

I was getting ready to make bread today and started to laugh.

I know, a strange thing to do when getting ready to bake.

I laughed because I realized making bread is a metaphor for my current season.

Have you heard this statement?

“Yes, God loves us just the way we are. But He also loves us too much to stay that way!”

I am currently in a season when God is saying—Trust Me. Lots of “unknowns.” Lots of “uncertainty.” Lots of “waiting for answers.” Lots of “prayers followed by silence.”

You know what means. This is a season of refinement. Of growing. A season of removing impurities in my thinking, attitude, and/or life. Read More

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