Bible Study Tips, Journal

Bible Study Tips


This is how I started studying God’s Word

and how I still do my Quiet Times now.

  1. Get a Bible, the actual book if possible
    1. If you don’t have one, that’s ok, there are many free Bible apps available. But when/if you can, get the actual book.
      1. Apps are awesome, but I don’t use mine when I study because I’m too easily distracted by notifications. They derail my train of thought and interrupt what God is trying to speak to me about.
    2. Plus having the book allows you to highlight verses and write margin notes—creating a journal of sorts to record your growing relationship with Jesus through life’s ups and downs.
  2. Get a notebook or journal
    1. I prefer a spiral bound journal and pretty colored pens. However, my boys prefer notebooks and black or blue ink. Either are perfect.
      1. My preference for journals is two-fold:
        1. They have heavier pages that don’t tear out easily making them last for years
        2. They can be fun, pretty, motivational, have verses in them, etc.
    2. I go back to my journals when I restudy a portion of Scripture.
      1. I always learn something new each time I restudy Scripture because as life changes, different things resonate with me that didn’t resonate before.
      2. Other times, I have to relearn something—get it driven by the Holy 2×4.
      3. But every single time I look back at my journals, I’m blown away by the contrast of where I was and where I am now. Of how God has changed me. Of how His grace has made me new. And then I fall in love with Him all over again.
    3. You can type your notes, but again, you have to take into consideration those pesky notifications. Plus—there’s something deeply personal in the act of putting a pen to paper in response to what God’s telling you.
      1. I retain things better and longer when I write them down as opposed to typing them. I also ponder more about what I’m writing and internalize it. And that, Beloved, is when change happens! I firmly believe journals are critical to your growth!
  3. Read the Scripture passage and record its address at the beginning of your new journal entry with the date.
    1. Example: Sept 1, 2017—Luke 1:1-4
  4. Summarize the passage in your words and engage with the passage.
    1. What are your thoughts, reactions, and questions
    2. How can I apply this to my life?
    3. If it doesn’t directly apply to my life, what instruction can I benefit from this passage?
    4. What new information can I glean about who God is and how He cares for His people?
    5. How did God blow your mind, bless you, call you out, challenge you, refine the direction and purpose He has given you, etc. ?
  5. Read the devotional and record your thoughts, reactions, and questions
    1. What is God saying to you?
    2. How is He blessing, encouraging, challenging, convicting you?
  6. Write a prayer to God
  7. It is only after this I consult any of my commentaries, lexical aids, or other books and resources.

I hope this helps. Blessings, Dear One!

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