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Your Spiritual Health Matters

The best things about being sick is getting well. Interestingly, getting well reveals how wretched you actually felt. And that realization forces you to acknowledge how much you took your health for granted. How you neglected and abused it.How you assumed it would always be there, compensating for your poor choices.How it deteriorates when it’s… Continue reading Your Spiritual Health Matters

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Tips On How to Keep a Bible Study Journal

Ok, you guys, here is a page from one of my personal Quiet Time Journals. Ignore the spelling and grammar errors, please. 🙂 Keeping a Bible study journal is my favorite way to engage with Scripture in my quiet time. It helps me process what I’m reading and slows me down so what I’m reading… Continue reading Tips On How to Keep a Bible Study Journal

Bible Study Tips

Goal Setting Part 4: Revamping our Spiritual Life

Watch the Facebook Live video for this post, here Goal setting in your spiritual life? It’s a strange concept, isn’t it? Maybe not. If anything, we’re wise to be mindful of our relationship with God and seek ways to improve it. Because let’s face it, if we’re estranged from God, it's us who moved away…not… Continue reading Goal Setting Part 4: Revamping our Spiritual Life

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Deuteronomy 1:1-4: A Gift and An Opportunity

Over the horizon you gaze at The Promised Land. As the sun stretches across this little piece of Heaven, what do you see? It’s okay to look. Drink in the vista. Can you see the trees and vines laden with fruit? And the dark soil, rich with nutrients—anticipating its next crop? Can you sense the… Continue reading Deuteronomy 1:1-4: A Gift and An Opportunity

Bible Study Tips, Give Away


Hey All! I am so humbled and excited by the incredible response of my website and blog (which I'm still adding to as I become more fluent in "computerese"). I would like to say Thank You for your encouragement and support by giving away a beautiful new journal and package of colorful pens like I… Continue reading It Time For A GIVEAWAY!

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Bible Study Tips

This is how I started studying God's Word and how I still do my Quiet Times now. Get a Bible, the actual book if possible If you don't have one, that's ok, there are many free Bible apps available. But when/if you can, get the actual book. Apps are awesome, but I don't use mine… Continue reading Bible Study Tips