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Day 1 of 31 Days Of Seeing Jesus in Your Daily Life: Students

Students are my passion. They draw me in and I can’t help but love them. Too many are hurting, lost, and broken. Too few have a viable relationship with their parents or other adults who can guide and encourage them to bring out their best, their value. These students are stepping into adulthood without a compass and a soul weary well beyond its years. The “basics of the Bible” are foreign to them yet they crave God’s love—even if they don’t know what that is yet. These high school and college students are the reason I write. They have my heart. It’s these students my heart cries out to reach with the Vibrant Relevance of God’s Word.

I wrote this poem 2 years ago, when God started stirring in my heart the call to write. As I prayed for my students this is what flowed out. I hope it give you a glimpse into my heart and passion for these students.

You come through the doors

with a smile on your face;

To hide the hurt and brokenness,

the pain and disgrace.


You move toward your friends

toward a place known and “safe”.

To people who really don’t know you—

but at least they know your name.


Your mask is firmly in place

and walls raised high;

You play games and laugh

while inside, you slowly die.


Afraid to open up;

terrified to be exposed!

Would anyone believe your story,

of anything, they were told?


You desperately crave love

but are not sure what it is.

Even at church,

you feel lost in a sea of kids.


You are not sure

if life is worth living anymore.

You may even be tempted

to escape out the back door.


You cut yourself–

a distraction from your pain;

Or maybe you cut in hopes

to feel SOMETHING again!


You are

lost, broken, confused;

Your heart is

shredded, shattered, abused.


You believe being healed

is a fairytale, a dream–

You cannot even fathom the idea

that you can be redeemed.


Let the Spirit lead you

Let your heart be open wide!

Find safety under His wings,

in His shelter, you can abide.


Come to the Cross of our Savior

Lay your burdens at His feet

Let Him heal your brokenness;

Let Him set you free.


Oh how Jesus loves you

and will forever be by their side.

You can be made new again

when you accept His gift of Eternal Life.


Let His blood wash over you;

Making you pure and clean

It was for your healing and forgiveness

that He chose to bleed.


Oh, come to Jesus,

Let Him claim you as His own

Let Him heal you and bless you—

Claim this sacred Hope!


Oh, come to Jesus,

Let Him hold you close to His heart.

Let Him love you and restore you;

Let Him give you a fresh new start.

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