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Kingdom Mindset by Kati Moore Wilde

I am so excited! 

Today I have the incredible honor to share the heart of Tom Moore’s younger daughter, Kati. This woman’s testimony is as beautiful as is her heart and passion for God’s Word, His people, and the people who don’t know Him yet–traits she undoubtedly caught from her father’s modeling and example.  Continue reading “Kingdom Mindset by Kati Moore Wilde”

Jesus in Everyday Life

The Passing of The Baton: The Legacy of Tom Moore

Tom and JodySometimes heroes come in the form of men wearing iron suits. But more often than not they come in everyday clothes. And every once in a while they come in the athletic gear of a coach.

Continue reading “The Passing of The Baton: The Legacy of Tom Moore”

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But I Don’t Feel Forgiven…Part 3, What’s The Big Deal About Confession?

What’s the big deal about confession anyway?

Why does God require us to do it? Does He want to rub our noses in our mistakes? Make us feel guilt and shame for what we’ve done? Or does He enjoy putting salt in our wounds?

Oh, these are good questions. Excellent questions. Real questions.

I’ve asked these questions several times over the course of my life. In my defiance. In my embarrassment. And even in my shame.

And then I discovered the freedom found in confession. You heard me right. Freedom. Continue reading “But I Don’t Feel Forgiven…Part 3, What’s The Big Deal About Confession?”

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But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 2, What is Repentance?

IMG_3898Confession. Forgiveness. Repentance. Three essential steps to eradicating the stronghold of sin in our lives.

We tend to be pros at confessing our sins and asking God for forgiveness. But we suck at repentance. Continue reading “But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 2, What is Repentance?”

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Run Your Race!

IMG_5766Isn’t vacation is supposed to be relaxing? Revitalizing? Refreshing?

IMG_0476(1)I just got home from vacation—a week in the Arizona sun. And once again I found myself seduced by the desert; mesmerized by the wide variety of cactus and other desert plants; and captivated by the landscape. But this time, I was challenged in ways I could never have predicted… Continue reading “Run Your Race!”

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When We Feel Emotional

IMG_1015Have you ever gotten into a project only to discover it was like an iceberg—more massive than you could have ever imagined? And the more you got into the project, the more you realized just how extensive it was?

That’s me right now. Continue reading “When We Feel Emotional”

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But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 1

IMG_2993“But I don’t feel forgiven!” She said in exasperation over a cup of coffee.

Ah, there it is. That’s the real issue, isn’t it? Or is it? Continue reading “But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 1”

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What does your Heart Crave?


What does your heart crave?

What makes it burn?

When you’re alone with your thoughts, your dreams—what do you imagine? What do you see? Continue reading “What does your Heart Crave?”

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January’s Lesson

Hebrews 4.13

The Vibrant Relevance of God’s Word nailed me last week! And I didn’t even feel the blow until later when it started to sting.

Continue reading “January’s Lesson”

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Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus

Happy VDay 2018

If you were to write a Valentine to Jesus, what would it say?

Would it be short and sweet or would it take up sheets and sheets?

It doesn’t’ matter if you have a Valentine or not, there is One who pursues you with His unrelenting love today. Everyday.

He doesn’t need flowers, chocolate, or gems. He already made them.

All He wants is you. Your heart. Your devotion. Your love. Your surrender. He invites you in with the whisper, “Follow Me.”

Beloved if you haven’t said yes to Jesus yet, let me share His Valentine with you:

For God so loved the world, he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

I encourage you today or by the end of this week, to take time to reflect on your love for God. Write him a Valentine in your own hand, the old-fashioned way. Yes, with pen and paper. Simple, elaborate. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s authentic. Then offer it. As a sacrifice of praise.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beloved.