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Waiting Well–Be Still

Psalm 37_7a

Being still is not my strong suit.
Waiting and patience…
…even less so.

As I write this, I’m walking on my treadmill instead of sitting at my desk. I’ve learned the hard way, when I sit too long I get fidgety and bored and distraction snaps at my heels. So I walk to help maintain my focus and to ward off boredom.

These last few weeks, this series on Waiting Well has resonated deep inside me. Down to the innermost places where no one gets to see. To the recesses I rarely even visit.


Because I’m living it as I write it.

Waiting. Unknowns. Uncertainty. Lack of clear direction in many areas of life—have combined to create a heavy burden that, to be honest, is difficult to carry. Even as I choose to trust God, to believe Him, my anxiety still lurks and lingers.

Hearing radio silence in those areas isn’t helping. No noise. Nothing. Not even static. Just loud, deafening silence.

And with God, it’s been…different. He’s been quiet, no answers, no direction; but there IS a consistent reassurance of His presence.

Be Still

Late last week I laid tear saturated dreams and requests before my Jesus. I confessed my unbelief. Exposed my fears. Laid myself open and vulnerable before Him. I presented my insecurities and shortcomings. I held nothing back. When I finished, I felt wrung-out. Exhausted. I’m not sure if it was because of the depth from which I poured out or if it was due to the fatigue from carrying such heavy load for so long.
Or if it was because, though the burden lifted, the radio silence remained.

Sunrise Progression


A few days ago, while letting the dogs out, the sunrise lit up the trees across the lake. I was so mesmerized watching the progression I missed the clouds pushing in.

The mundane autumn colored reeds turning into the most breathtaking glittering gold captivated me and wouldn’t let go. They radiated! The shone with God’s glory! They were so brilliant they hurt my eyes to look at them. My pics don’t do it justice. For the first time in a long time, I could feel God’s presence. His warmth. His reassurance. The feeling was so strong tears flooded my eyes and I thought my heart would burst!

Golden Reeds in Sunrise

Then I turned to call the girls in…and just like that…the sun was gone.

Everything fell into shadow, including my heart…and the tears of awe turned to tears of despair.


Stormy Skies 1

As I stood there looking into the gray skies, the trees stripped of their leaves, and the flat muddy colored reeds, God finally whispered to my heart:

“I’m still here. I’m still in control. Baby, continue being faithful where you are. Be faithful right where I have you. There is a reason I have you here. Trust me. Be still. Trust me. I know what I’m doing. Trust me.”

Stormy Skies 2
Later that same day, Hillary Scott’s Still came on the radio. With each word she sang, God spoke to my heart. Each. And. Every. Word.

[Verse 1]
I believe that You are God alone
But sometimes I still try to take control
‘Cause I get scared when I can’t see the end
And all You want from me is to let go

You’re parting waters
Making a way for me
You’re moving mountains, that I don’t even see
You’ve answered my prayer, before I even speak
All You need for me to be
Is still

[Verse 2]
I bring my praise before I bring my need
‘Cause there’s no fear You’ve not already seen
I rest my heart on all Your promises
‘Cause I have seen and know Your faithfulness

You’re parting waters
Making a way for me
You’re moving mountains, that I don’t even see
You’ve answered my prayer, before I even speak
All You need for me to be
Is still

And know that You are God
Be still
And know that You, trust that You are
Parting waters
Lord, You whispered my name
Oh, You answered my prayer
You’re moving mountains!

You’re parting waters
Making a way for me
You’re moving mountains, that I don’t even see
You’ve answered my prayer, before I even speak
All You need for me to be
Is still
Be still…

Psalm 62_5-6

Beloved, God is faithful!
He created the seasons and carries them out.
Every day the sun rises and sets by His hand.
Every day He bring the tide in and pushes it out again.
Every day He fills your lungs with breath and keeps your heart beating.

So instead of striving, pushing, banging on doors that have yet to open—BE STILL. Be faithful where God has you right now. At this moment. Today. Don’t miss what He has for you today because you’re so focused on tomorrow. Commit to Him what you are doing today!

We have no idea what waters God is parting for us. We have no idea what mountains He’s moving. We can’t see them!

But He can.

And because He can, He is the only One who can blaze the path we are needing to take. Remember, He said, “Follow Me,” not find your own way. “Follow me.”—I walk your path first, preparing the way. “Follow me,” I planted the green meadows by those still waters. “Follow me,” and I will renew your soul.

Psalm 27_14

In this season of waiting I’ve learned the value of being still and silent before Him—neither of which come naturally to me I might add. But I’m determined to learn this discipline and come anyway. Still and void of distraction. Silent. Quieting my thoughts. Muting my worries. And waiting for Him—to part the waters and move the mountain. To open the doors. To light the path.



3 thoughts on “Waiting Well–Be Still”

  1. Me too. It blows my mind sometimes. Other times it overwhelms me. He made all of this and he made me too. He knows my name. He knows everything about me. (Psalm 139) it’s humbling and uplifting and beautiful all at the same Time.

  2. Beautiful pictures , I just love how God reveals himself to us in Nature! His light will shine in the darkness!! He is our comforter and provider!! When we are still, He is always working for our good!! Thank you Jesus!!

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