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Sharing Sunday: Cassia Elder

Hey Guys! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get this together for Follow Friday this week. But I didn't want to wait any longer to introduce you to Cassia and her NEW BOOK!!! Cassia Elder is a speaker, women’s ministry leader, and author of the book Make Me a Blessing. She is passionate about writing… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: Cassia Elder

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We Are Just Not That Important

Hello sweet friend!! I've surfaced for a brief moment to share another excerpt with you. Like the last one, this one is a little different in order to make it a blog post, but the concepts are the same. Enjoy! xoxo In the last excerpt I shared, we stood with Hannah and empathized with her… Continue reading We Are Just Not That Important

My Publishing Journey, My Story

Helloooooo out there!

This is me Hello Friend! It feels like forever! What has God been doing in your life? Or, what have you been allowing God to do with your life? There is a difference... I ask because I've been thinking a lot about this as I work or my current project. (I'll share more in a… Continue reading Helloooooo out there!

David Study Excerpt, Prayer, When it hurts

Great Distress. Inconsolable Tears. Desperate Prayers.

As you know from my last post, I am writing a Bible Study for our church so for the next few months I will be a lot more silent than usual. (It can happen😆) But I can guarantee, not idle. I promised experts of the study I'm writing. Here is the first one--doctored slightly for… Continue reading Great Distress. Inconsolable Tears. Desperate Prayers.