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Great Distress. Inconsolable Tears. Desperate Prayers.

As you know from my last post, I am writing a Bible Study for our church so for the next few months I will be a lot more silent than usual. (It can happen😆) But I can guarantee, not idle. I promised experts of the study I'm writing. Here is the first one--doctored slightly for… Continue reading Great Distress. Inconsolable Tears. Desperate Prayers.

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Undone To Be Rebuilt For A Purpose

During these 10 day I’m sending my son, Tyler, encouraging quotes and messages while he attends the JRob 10-day Intensive Wrestling Camp in Iowa. My goal is to inspire him, to give him something to hang on to when things get hellacious, when his asthma acts up, when his muscles are past burning and have… Continue reading Undone To Be Rebuilt For A Purpose

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“A Season With Deep Purpose”

Don’t you love how God works sometimes? A few weeks ago I removed my mask. I let you (and myself) see what lies underneath. Not so pretty. (Read Unmasked here) Since then, God’s been leading me to various social media messages, devotionals, and blog posts about waiting well and being in the wilderness. Not one… Continue reading “A Season With Deep Purpose”

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I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve put anything out. For that I apologize. I hope this post will give insight as to why. I pray this and the second part of this post will will encourage you and lift you up as well. PSA-This post is a little raw and vulnerable. Not… Continue reading Unmasked