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Tell Them My Message

My very favorite part of the Resurrection story is when Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene-- The woman whom He cast out 7 demons.The woman who became a faithful disciple and follower.The woman who was part of His inner circle.The woman who supported Him and His ministry.The woman whose life was shattered into dust as she witnesses His… Continue reading Tell Them My Message

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God Is Not Surprised By This: What if…?

Hey my friend, how can I pray for you today? Are you coping or thriving? Existing or excelling? Wasting your time or investing it well? Pretending or preparing? I ask because when Covid-19 first came on our radar, the internet was flooded with funny memes and jokes. Videos of people playing battleship across courtyards and… Continue reading God Is Not Surprised By This: What if…?

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God is Not Surprised By This–Rebuking Anxiety

Hey, my sweet Friend, how are you holding up? What worries, thoughts, anxieties and fears are creeping into your mind? Staring you in the face? You’re not alone—I’m feeling and battling them too. Then, a few days ago, my dear friend, Dr. Michelle Bengston, challenged me with this quote from her book, Breaking Anxiety’s Grip:… Continue reading God is Not Surprised By This–Rebuking Anxiety