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God is Not Surprised By This–Rebuking Anxiety

Hey, my sweet Friend, how are you holding up?

What worries, thoughts, anxieties and fears are creeping into your mind? Staring you in the face?

You’re not alone—I’m feeling and battling them too.

Then, a few days ago, my dear friend, Dr. Michelle Bengston, challenged me with this quote from her book, Breaking Anxiety’s Grip:

Anxiety is a misappropriation of our trust, giving it to a counterfeit that never satisfies.

As I started at her beautiful face and let those words sink into my soul, I simply said—I’ll be back, I need to go pray.

I was caught. Convicted. I couldn’t put my finger on all of the counterfeits, but I knew they were there, hiding below the surface. And I knew I had to call them out, rebuke them by the name of Jesus, confess my sin, and ask for forgiveness. Then I had to put my trust back under Christ’s authority where it belongs.

Beloved, I invite you to join me in confessing your counterfeits and placing your trust under Christ’s authority, out of Satan’s reach.

Once those things are in Jesus’s hands the Enemy no longer has access to them—unless we take them back. And he doesn’t have access he can no longer control us using our worries, thoughts, anxieties, and fears.

Not only that, when our worries, thoughts, anxieties, and fears are safe in our Savior’s hands, not tumbling inside our head and heart

  • They’re no longer the focus of our attention—Jesus is.
  • Jesus is able to speak His truth into them, expose the lies, and offer His comfort and peace.
  • He then quiets the storm inside us and invites us to trust Him as He enhances our character and grows our faith.
  • And with all that garbage purged out, there’s room for the Spirit to work and move. To lead and guide. To teach and embolden us.

Jesus, today I confess the counterfeits I’ve put my trust in. They are ___________________ and I rebuke each and every one in Your Holy Name! Please reveal any I missed so I can call them out and rebuke them in your Name. Forgive me for this idolatry. And at this very moment I’m putting my trust back under your authority. I’m taking all my worries, thoughts, anxieties and fears and place them in your hands where they are safe from Satan—and me. Lord, when I have them, they tumble and spin inside like a tornado—causing panic, deconstructive thinking, and doubt. Jesus, I’m desperate for a quiet heart and mind. For peace, clarity, discernment, and wisdom. Lord, I trust you and invite you to … (finish this prayer in your words)

Michelle’s book is on sale now on Kindle for $1.99 (I don’t know how long this will last) When you’ve finished her book, please submit a review telling others about her book.

Blessings, xoxo


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  1. Thanks for sharing! We have a good friend of my daughter’s, she is actually a distant cousin on the Peel side, who has the coronavirus! She is a distant cousin of yours too. Please keep her, Kelli Oquin, in your prayers. She works at a nursing home so please keep those people in your prayers too!

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