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I AM Your Shield

Good morning!

Yesterday I was down with a migraine. I hadn’t had one in quite some time, and to be honest I didn’t have time for one. My To-Do list was only getting longer, our boys still needed to be taxied around, dinner still needed to be made, and socks and underware needed to be washed. So I did what I always do—I took some meds, hoped for the best, and pushed through. And in the evening, I crashed—HARD. I was exhausted and worn. I felt beaten and battered. I felt empty, utterly defeated.

Then this morning I realized I forgot to take Andrew to football practice. It took more than I had to keep the tears of self-disappointment from running down my cheeks. I could hear Satan telling me, “You are a failure. You suck at being a mom. You blew it—AGAIN!” I listened to his poison for longer than necessary. But then I cried out to my Abba. And this was my prayer and His response to me.

I don’t usually share my poetry. It is so personal. But I promised to take you on my journey, invite you into my life, and allow you to see me warts and all. My hope is then you will be encouraged in your walk with Jesus because you will realize your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not unique—they are shared. In this self-exposure, your relationship with Him will flourish and become Vitally Relevant to your day-to-day life.

O Lord, help me,

my strength is almost gone.

I feel weak and weary–

I won’t last until the dawn.


My shield is riddled with arrows;

The Devil’s shots are true.

It is now so heavy I cannot hold it up,

I fear the next one will get through.


Each arrow is a burden to bear,

another weight to carry.

One or two, no matter, but dozens upon dozens–

The situation is bleak and scary.


I once held my shield high,

my faith powerful and strong.

I would start each morning on my knees–

Before the birds would sing their song.


I would come to you in confession and praise

laying my burdens at your feet.

My house was dark and silent–

everyone else, still asleep.


I would thank you for your forgiveness–

sanctifying me once more.

I would ask your Spirit to fill me;

from Heaven’s sanctuary, His grace did pour.


But Lord that holy habit has been pushed aside

with seemingly little care.

Now I have been caught and held prisoner

in the Devil’s vicious snare.


I have become entangled by his lies,

poisoned by his destruction and death.

But Lord I know you can free me

With just a whisper of your breath!


Lord, Jesus, come!

Hear my desperate plea!

I am broken, bleeding, battered,

I am crying out on my knees!


“Come, Mighty Warrior, come.

Lay your shield on the ground.

I am your Rock, your Fortress, your Protection

In me, your safety will be found.


Let me be The Power who saves you

Let me be your Shield.

No arrow will be able to touch you–

until I determine you are healed.


Sharpen your sword, Mighty Warrior,

Drink in the Wellspring of Life.

I will renew your strength and empower you;

so you can go back out to fight the good fight.


I will make your feet secure

wherever they stand.

I will strengthen your arms for battle;

I will train your hand.


Victory is on the horizon, Mighty Warrior,

it is well within your grasp.

But draw your strength from earnest prayer, Child,

or it will be fleeting–it will not last.


Rest now, My Daughter,

My Dear and Precious One.

I am proud of you and I love you.

But the battle has only just begun.


The Devil sees the path

I have laid for you to take;

He will do all he can to distract you–

there are eternity and lives at stake.


But for now he can’t reach you;

I am your Shield, he cannot draw near.

I am your Rock and your Salvation

you have nothing to fear.


While you rest, I promise to mend your shield,

fortify it and make it strong.

I promise to fill your soul with courage

and your mouth–The Battle Song.


So now, come Mighty Warrior, come.

lay your shield on the ground.

I am your Rock, your Fortress, your Protection

In me, your safety will be found.”

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