Month: April 2018

Kingdom Mindset by Kati Moore Wilde

I am so excited!  Today I have the incredible honor to share the heart of Tom Moore’s younger daughter, Kati. This woman’s testimony is as beautiful as is her heart and passion for God’s Word, His people, and the people who don’t know Him yet–traits…

The Passing of The Baton: The Legacy of Tom Moore

Sometimes heroes come in the form of men wearing iron suits. But more often than not they come in everyday clothes. And every once in a while they come in the athletic gear of a coach.

But I Don’t Feel Forgiven…Part 3, What’s The Big Deal About Confession?

What’s the big deal about confession anyway? Why does God require us to do it? Does He want to rub our noses in our mistakes? Make us feel guilt and shame for what we’ve done? Or does He enjoy putting salt in our wounds?…

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