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But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 2, What is Repentance?

IMG_3898Confession. Forgiveness. Repentance. Three essential steps to eradicating the stronghold of sin in our lives.

We tend to be pros at confessing our sins and asking God for forgiveness. But we suck at repentance. Continue reading “But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 2, What is Repentance?”

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Run Your Race!

IMG_5766Isn’t vacation is supposed to be relaxing? Revitalizing? Refreshing?

IMG_0476(1)I just got home from vacation—a week in the Arizona sun. And once again I found myself seduced by the desert; mesmerized by the wide variety of cactus and other desert plants; and captivated by the landscape. But this time, I was challenged in ways I could never have predicted… Continue reading “Run Your Race!”

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When We Feel Emotional

IMG_1015Have you ever gotten into a project only to discover it was like an iceberg—more massive than you could have ever imagined? And the more you got into the project, the more you realized just how extensive it was?

That’s me right now. Continue reading “When We Feel Emotional”

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But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 1

IMG_2993“But I don’t feel forgiven!” She said in exasperation over a cup of coffee.

Ah, there it is. That’s the real issue, isn’t it? Or is it? Continue reading “But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 1”