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Kingdom Mindset by Kati Moore Wilde

I am so excited! 

Today I have the incredible honor to share the heart of Tom Moore’s younger daughter, Kati. This woman’s testimony is as beautiful as is her heart and passion for God’s Word, His people, and the people who don’t know Him yet–traits she undoubtedly caught from her father’s modeling and example. 

My hope–no my prayer is you will take her message and apply it today and every day. That you will carry the baton Tom passed each of us and continue his legacy for the Kingdom, whether you knew him or not. (Please read about his legacy here.)

“This can only come as a result of Jesus changing your heart from “me-centered” to “others-centered”

Tom and KatiKingdom Mindset…

…What does that mean and what does it look like? It is a term that I believe embodies the verse “to be in the world but not of the world.” It means to take your earthly, American lenses off to see the bigger eternal picture. To look past the skin and see the heart and soul of those around you. It means to look past the present and to strive to make choices for the kingdom to come: God’s kingdom. If you are a believer in Jesus, it means thinking less about your comfort here on earth and more on the eternal comfort of those who are hurting and searching for the Comforter of all.

As I think of this concept, I can’t help but recall the life of a man who daily lived with kingdom focused lenses. That man was my dad, and although my dad is getting to live out his kingdom mindset today in Heaven, his legacy lives on in the hearts of many, including myself.

Now you may ask how you can live a kingdom mindset in a world where media tells us to think so highly of ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, self-care is so important to help you do your best at whatever the Lord has placed in front of you but have you ever thought about the care of those around you.

My dad taught me to put others first and to make an effort to incorporate Jesus into all parts of life.

sunsetThis gift can only come as a result of Jesus changing your heart from “me-centered” to “others-centered” and more than just in the daily ways we serve others. These are of course key in the whole process and essential, but I think one of the hardest things to do as a believer sometimes is going beyond the kind words to “sharing the truth in love.”

Dad had the gifting of sharing the hard facts in a way that that recipient knew they were loved and not judged by dad. He had the perfect mix of softness and honesty. My prayer for all of you as you read this is to pray for God to give you eyes to see others beyond our time here on earth and to live as dad did daily. To love others so deeply that you aren’t afraid to cause a little discomfort temporarily in order to point those you love to the eternal comfort of Heaven and the ultimate Comforter, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Isn’t it? I loved this the moment she sent it to me. I was standing in my kitchen shouting, “YES! Preach it, Sister!” while my poor dogs just left the room.

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