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I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve put anything out. For that I apologize. I hope this post will give insight as to why. I pray this and the second part of this post will will encourage you and lift you up as well. PSA-This post is a little raw and vulnerable. Not… Continue reading Unmasked

Jesus in Everyday Life, My Story, Switchbacks

Switchbacks Lesson #1: Steadfast Endurance

In case you missed it: Here is the first post in this Series: Switchbacks: Let The Journey Begin Have you ever run on a treadmill? I heard that groan. Most people hate running on a treadmill because They feel like a hamster on a wheel They get bored They detest not going anywhere They abhor… Continue reading Switchbacks Lesson #1: Steadfast Endurance

Depression, Jesus in Everyday Life, My Story

Switchbacks: Let the Journey Begin

“I feel like I’ve been here before…” No, I wasn’t having an episode of deja-vu, I was hiking switchbacks. It was spring break 2019, and my family and I (sans Camron who was at Iowa State) were in Arizona doing one of our very favorite activities…exploring new territories. After months of frigid temperatures, feet upon… Continue reading Switchbacks: Let the Journey Begin

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My 15 Minutes: You Want Me To Do What?!? (Genesis 6)

What’s something God has called you to do? Befriend someone or take a leadership position as a worship or small group leader at church? Serve in the children’s/youth ministry, go on a mission trip, run a marathon, mentor, or join a prison ministry? Or maybe, just maybe, things got crazy and He called you to… Continue reading My 15 Minutes: You Want Me To Do What?!? (Genesis 6)