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Follow Friday: Misty Phillip, The Struggle is Real But So Is God

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Another friend I want to reintroduce you to for Follow Friday is my precious sister, Misty Phillip. There are no words to express how thankful I am for this woman her love, or her prayers.

Misty was one of several friends who were determined to pray me through my depression this winter as well as speak encouragement into my heart through my cancer scare. (Read about that here in Unmasked.)

She is the real deal.

Honest. Sincere. Dedicated. And a warrior! Misty is no stranger to adversity or deep wounds that leave scars. But instead of allowing herself to become bitter, she’s invited God to make her better and to use those scars to encourage others to heal and draw closer to Him.

Sometimes God offers you a gift so precious, that you don’t understand its value until after you’ve unwrapped it and owned it for a while. This is the case with my sweet friend Misty. We met on Facebook over a year ago, and over these past several months we’ve developed a friendship that’s centered on a mutual love of Jesus, encouragement, and Gods’ Word. And it’s been forged through prayer as we have both faced several battles, uncertain moments, and attacks from the enemy. It doesn’t matter the time of day, I know she will stop and pray, offer a word of encouragement, or pour her wisdom into my life. Her heart and passion for God’s Word and His People inspire me in my own spiritual journey as well as my writing adventure.

Friend, she is someone to follow! Subscribe to her website Misty Philip, By His Grace and her podcast By His Grace

Misty Phillip is a Christian author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster who encourages women to live with vulnerability and passion for seeking Jesus, studying His Word, and growing in grace at

Misty hosts: By His Grace Podcast: Deep Wounds, Deep Grace – Transformative Stories of God’s Grace

Join host Misty Phillip and guests as they share openly about challenges they face, and how God’s amazing transformative grace, hope, and love changes everything.

By His Grace Podcast is for everyone who wants to know they are not alone in facing adversity. To know they are made to thrive and God’s grace is enough.

She is a contributing author to Dear Wife: 10 Minute Invitation to Practice Connection with Your Husband

And author of The Struggle is Real But So Is God. In today’s Follow Friday Misty shares Why she wrote this amazing Bible Study

Why I wrote The Struggle is Real
by Misty Phillip
I met Jesus when I was six years old at a vacation Bible school. For many years He was my acquaintance. I had a head knowledge of Jesus but not a heart knowledge. I believed He died for me, but I didn’t understand what that meant. In Junior High school after my brother’s death, my life turned into a train wreck looking for anything I could find to ease the pain. Then when I went to college, and I had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and I was never the same!  
In my mid-twenties I did my first Bible Study, and I was hooked. I fell head over heels in love with Jesus and his word. It was my life-line through illness, pain, grief, loss of babies and parents, and raising a special needs child, and homeschooling. Even though I was a believer, I spent many of those years living defeated because life was hard. I held on to hurt, and shame from my past, instead of activating scripture and claiming the promises available to me in the Bible for myself.
This is why I wrote The Struggle is Real: But so is God Bible Study! I want to help women lay claim to the promises available to them in scripture so that they can walk in the freedom of Christ in victory. I want THE WORD to be alive and active in their lives. 
Life is hard. We all struggle at one time or another in our life. Which is why we need the truth of God’s word to help us navigate the storms of life.
Join me for a further in-depth study on biblical promises for overcomers in The Struggle is Real: But so is God Bible Study.
Now is the time to know what God says about you and how you can live a victorious life. Discover faith and integrity are the character qualities that are yours as an overcomer. Each in-depth study has thought-provoking questions to journal, so you will be able to see your personal growth.
The Struggle Is Real, But So Is God is a 6-week journey through the Bible that will:
Equip you with empowering wisdom.
Help you grow spiritually by claiming God’s promises as your own.
Teach you how to declare scripture over yourself to strengthen your inner being.
Show you how to conquer challenges by activating God’s Word in your life. 
Author Misty Phillip has lived through many difficult seasons of life where all she could do was look to God and His Word for hope. She found biblical solutions and scriptural promises that helped her overcome, and she can’t wait to share with you what she has learned.
Misty Phillip is passionate about helping women overcome challenges in life by seeking Jesus, studying the Word and growing in grace. She is the author of The Struggle is Real: But so is God Bible Study, founder and host of the By His Grace Podcast, sought after speaker and blogger at and co-author of Dear Wife and contributor to A Wife Like Me.

Blessings, xoxo


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  1. Your study sounds fabulous and very essential, Misty. Thank you, Cheyenne for shining a light on this resource and my new friend, Misty’s ministry.

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