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The Key to Your Life (Part 3)

Today we’re wrapping up our 3-part series on The Key to Your Life If you missed part one and two, catch these two links: The Key to Your Life (Part 1) The Key to Your Life (Part 2) Obedience is Difficult, Hellacious, Exacting, and Hard. We can’t deny it. We would be fools to even… Continue reading The Key to Your Life (Part 3)

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Your Spiritual Health Matters

The best things about being sick is getting well. Interestingly, getting well reveals how wretched you actually felt. And that realization forces you to acknowledge how much you took your health for granted. How you neglected and abused it.How you assumed it would always be there, compensating for your poor choices.How it deteriorates when it’s… Continue reading Your Spiritual Health Matters

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The Difference between Knowing About God and KNOWING God

This post started as a teaching send-off at our church's Wednesday morning Bible Study this week as we're going through the study I wrote this summer on 1 & 2 Samuel. Several ladies asked for a copy of this teaching, so I figured I would post it for you all. I would love to give… Continue reading The Difference between Knowing About God and KNOWING God

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A Break in the Action for an EXCITING Update!

🎉Today I interrupt normal programming to bring you an EXCITING UPDATE!🎉 Have you ever stood back and watched God do His thing? This past week I was able to do just that. You may remember, I spent this last summer writing a Bible study to work in correlation with our senior pastor’s sermon series on… Continue reading A Break in the Action for an EXCITING Update!

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Follow Friday: Misty Phillip, The Struggle is Real But So Is God

Another friend I want to reintroduce you to for Follow Friday is my precious sister, Misty Phillip. There are no words to express how thankful I am for this woman her love, or her prayers. Misty was one of several friends who were determined to pray me through my depression this winter as well as… Continue reading Follow Friday: Misty Phillip, The Struggle is Real But So Is God

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The Devil’s Roller Coaster??

Warning: I purposely didn't edit this post. I wanted it to be my raw thoughts and feelings as I wrestled with God this morning. I have a feeling if I polished it and made it read perfectly it would lose some of its authenticity. This is me at my most real. This morning while eating… Continue reading The Devil’s Roller Coaster??

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My 15 Minutes

Not so long ago I gave you a challenge. Do you remember what it was? Let me give you a hint: 15 Minutes. I challenged you to nourish your soul before you nourished your body. I challenged you to read your Bible for 15 minutes every morning for a month. (read more about the challenge here)… Continue reading My 15 Minutes

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15 Minutes

Fifteen minutes. 15. What do “15 minutes” mean to you? Fifteen minutes isn’t that much time, is it? Most people have longer commutes than that. Take longer showers than that. Spend more time on social media and gaming than that. Fifteen minutes. So what can 15 minutes well-spent at the front end of your day… Continue reading 15 Minutes

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Psalm 100, Part 1: Our God, Our Creator

I am in awe of the young woman before me. Over the last several years I’ve had the privilege of mentoring her and loving her like a daughter. And just recently she’s discovered a passion for Jesus that knows no bounds. She’s experienced His grace and healing in profound ways; and therefore, has every reason… Continue reading Psalm 100, Part 1: Our God, Our Creator

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Day 29 of 31 Days of Seeing Jesus in Your Daily Life: The Resident

“Good-bye! we’ll see you shortly!” I chirp before hanging up the phone. Then as I face my family, panic overtakes me… “Quick! We have guests coming!” Those words are like a Starter’s pistol at the beginning of a race. Everyone jumps up and scurries into action as I bark orders and assign tasks while simultaneously… Continue reading Day 29 of 31 Days of Seeing Jesus in Your Daily Life: The Resident