Wrestling, Your Purpose

Our attitude. Our choice.

During these 10 day I’m sending my son, Tyler, encouraging quotes and messages while he attends the JRob 10-day Intensive Wrestling Camp in Iowa. My goal is to inspire him, to give him something to hang on to when things get hellacious, when his asthma acts up, when his muscles are past burning and have started shaking, when all his strength and endurance are used up and he still has a ways to go.

As I write his messages, I realize I’m not just talking to him—I’m talking to me too.

And you.

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Like the rudder on a ship determines the boat’s direction, it determines the direction of our life.

A rudder doesn’t look like much. It’s tiny in comparison with the rest of the vessel and seems insignificant. You may not even know what it is if you saw it detached and on its own. But that little apparatus wields a tremendous amount of power!

When storms rage and winds gust; when waves crash in from every direction—it’s the rudder that keeps the ship on course.

But if it has one little flaw, if it’s off by the slightest fraction, the consequences can be catastrophic if not caught early.

  • This is why the captain is mindful of the rudder and calibrates it with precision.
  • This is why he has various navigational instruments to detect the slightest issue before his senses ever could.
  • This is why he constantly checks those instruments, evaluates the information, and makes adjustments when needed.

The captain knows that tiny little rudder has the power to make or break his mission. To guide him to success or failure.

He know that rudder is what stands between safety and disaster.

However, he also knows that little rudder doesn’t work on it’s own.

It must be steered. Guided. Pointed in the right direction to ensure success.

The captain must know where he’s going and how he’s going to get there.

He must be focused. Limit distractions. And determine to stay on course.

He must use all his tools and resources to keep his bearings and navigate well.

He must make corrections as needed.

  • If the captain isn’t careful, he could easily take the ship off course, wasting valuable time and other resources.
  • If he is complacent, he could find himself in enemy territory fighting battles he never intended, needed, or excepted to fight.
  • If he is indifferent, he could be engulfed in a storm rather than avoiding one.

A rudder can be precisely calibrated and in perfect working order—but it’s the responsibility of the captain to use it wisely, to point it in the right direction, and to protect it from getting damaged or knocked out of place.

Swindoll’s astute observation, “life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it,” resonates with profound truth, doesn’t it?

Our attitude is one of most valuable assets. And it is entirely up to us!

We get to choose whether it’s positive or negative.

And that decision will determine the trajectory of our

  • Goals
  • Dreams
  • Projects
  • Seasons
  • Business
  • Ministry
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Life

And when storms rage, attempting to wrestle the wheel out of our hands and send our attitude into a tailspin, we have to choose to fight to keep control of it. And sometimes that may mean gathering outside help.

  • Prayer partners
  • Bible Study groups
  • Wise Counsel
  • Friends
  • Professional counseling

But in the end, your attitude is your responsibility and your choice.
You are the captain.
You choose its calibration and direction.
You must protect it and keep it in working order

Is it hard? At times, YES! But it is worth it!


Because if we don’t control our attitude, Satan will.

Blessings, xoxo


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