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What promise does this week’s verse hold for us when life turns up the heat and threatens to suck the vitality right out of our soul?

Beloved, God has given us a way to not only survive life’s challenges, but to thrive in the midst of them. To grow in spite of them. And to bear fruit in defiance of them!

One of the most fascinating things about trees are their roots. First, they extend vertically down into the earth’s soil, twice as far as the tree’s branches reach toward Heaven, to provide anchorage and support. Then they stretch out horizontally in every direction, up to four times the tree’s above ground height, to provide stability and to search for essential nutrients.

Pause and think about that for a minute. Let the vastness of a tree’s entire structure stretch your imagination.

Trees are massive plants!! Awesome and beautiful.

And the majority of their structure is unseen.

Secluded under the ground.

However, if the roots aren’t able to find water, or enough water, the entire tree will either be stunted, unable to produce fruit, or will die altogether.

Therefore, the roots work hard to grow and

  • Provide the necessary strength, support, and stability for the tree’s trunk and canopy
  • Prepare for future needs and challenges—disease, damage, breakage, drought, etc.
  • Mine for moisture and nutrients
    • To give life and vitality to the tree’s parts we do see
    • To enable the branches to produce fruit—seeds for the next generation.

And it’s all done is seclusion. Behind-the-scenes. In the background where no one sees.

The same is true for our trust in Jesus.

It’s forged in seclusion.

In those quiet every day moments no one sees. In the time we spend nurturing our vertical relationship with God—saturating ourselves in His Word and prayer. Inviting His principles and precepts to nurture us; to build our confidence and hope; to produce fruit in our lives—seeds for the next generation.

It’s those moments we open ourselves to His Spirit, allowing Him to pour into us. To fill us to overflowing with His strength, support, and stability. With His wisdom, discernment, perception, and insight. With His grace, mercy, and love.

It’s in those moments our roots grow deep into the soil of the bank running alongside the river containing the Water of Life. (Revelations 22:1) Preparing us for our daily challenges, future season’s of drought, and life’s predictably-unpredictable storms.

It’s in those moments we develop and grow our character, vitality, integrity, grit, obedience, tenderness, courage, humility, stamina, determination, endurance, ___________________ (you fill in the blank). Traits that enable us imbibe God’s Living Water and thrive—even when it hurts. Even when it’s hard. Even when the darkness is closing in.

Like the tree, what others see of you is only a small portion of what and who you are. The rest is under the surface providing the life and vitality for the parts we do see. And the only way those things will develop in your life is if you choose to be anchored in God’s Word and to nurture a solid vertical relationship with Him.

Beloved we have a choice:

  • Trust in Jesus. Or be worried.
  • Place our hope and confidence in Him. Or be bothered.
  • Thrive. Or flounder.
  • Produce Fruit. Or be barren.

Sink your roots in deep, Beloved. Let His Word saturate your soul.

Blessings, xoxo


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  1. I have heard how difficult those diseases are. I will be praying for you. And you are right–no matter what we are going through, suffering from, enduring we must remain in Jesus. He is the only One who can make us thrive. Blessings to you, Brother!

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