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The Key to Our Life (Part 2)

If you haven't read Part 1 of this series, catch that now here. Our choice of life and blessing is made by loving God. But according to Moses, and later Jesus, loving God is not enough. We must also firmly commit ourselves to Him and obey Him. Obedience. It’s either-or. Black-or-white. There’s no room for… Continue reading The Key to Our Life (Part 2)

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The Key to Your Life (Part 1) “No soup for you!” He stands rigid, without humor. He’s harsh. Judgmental. Temperamental. Cruel. He’s willing to serve but only on his terms. Careful now. Step lightly and move just right. And whatever, you do—DON'T’ MAKE EYE CONTACT! If you make one false step, question his service or methods, or comment on what he… Continue reading The Key to Your Life (Part 1)