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Day 26 of 31 Days of Seeing Jesus In Your Daily Life: My Prayer For You


Yesterday a friend asked me what Bible verses I love for Camron.

What an excellent question!

I’ve never thought of verses for my kids, my husband, my marriage, myself, or my ministry. Now don’t get me wrong, I have precious ones I turn to time and again, but I’ve never had specific ones for my boys or anyone else.

I prayerfully considered this as I went about my day today, and my heart kept going back to Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;

Do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek His will in all you do,

And He will show you which path to take.

The more these verses came to my mind the more I realized they perfectly capture my prayer for my son as he finishes high school and makes plans for college. And then I realized they’re my prayer for all of my boys, for all my other “kids,” for my friends, for my mentees, and for YOU!

Trust in the Lord

  • Do not trust in worldly wisdom, but in Godly wisdom—the Wisdom that doesn’t fail or fade.
  • In times of confusion or clarity, He is the only one you can trust because He is the only One who knows the beginning from the end.
  • God is the only One who can help you navigate through the good and the great to get to the best He has for you.
  • Trusting God at all times, in all season is the key to success, not ease, success

With all your heart

  • Not with just the natural parts, but with all of it.
    • Even in the times you want to do it yourself, figure it out on your own, or want to fix it.
  • Trust Him with your everything, hold nothing back—only then will your faith explode; and following Him will be more natural, even in seasons of doubt.

Do not depend on your own understanding

  • Our understanding is not good enough. No matter how intelligent we are, there is so much we don’t know or fully comprehend.
  • Our understanding is incomplete and faulty; it’s continuously changing as our knowledge base grows and develops.
  • God has given you a great mind, an intelligent mind—but that mind is His gift to you. He opened it to understand, to learn, to reason—but your abilities come from Him, and your understanding comes from His infinite

Seek His will

  • When we seek our will, it’s no different than pursuing the lusts of our heart.
  • Jeremiah tells us the heart is the most deceitful of all things. We learn over and over again that following your heart leads to despair and folly. It feels good for a time, and everything seems to be beautiful. But eventually, following your heart can lead to your ruin because our hearts are fickle, impulsive, and easily deterred.
  • When we seek God’s will, we’re seeking His purpose for us here on earth. What He’s planned for us to do. His plans are good and pleasing and perfect.
  • We can and should bring our plans before Him, but we also must ask Him if our ideas are in correlation with His and if not to ask Him to help us follow Him and let those desires go.

In all you do

  • Don’t just seek God in the big things: the school you choose, the person you marry, the program you get a degree in, the career you pursue, the job you accept, the house you buy, ; but seek Him in the little things—your everyday life things.
  • The little thing we choose can have a substantial impact on the trajectory of our lives. The mundane can have significant consequences—both good and bad.
    • A detour can be the path to meet a lifelong friend, spouse, or a key person in your network
    • A night out can lead to catastrophe beyond your imagining or consequences you will pay for for the rest of your life
    • Most of the time we don’t see those things until we look back, knowing it’s too late to change anything.

And He will show you which path to take

  • We first must trust God and seek His will before we can receive guidance from Him.
    • Let’s be real; we won’t be receptive to His guidance unless we first trust Him and are seeking
    • If you are like me, I am less likely to follow the advice of someone I don’t trust because I will be suspicious of whether they’re leading me in the right direction or not; of whether or not they have my best interests at heart.
  • His path is not the painless, effortless, or smooth. It’s not always the “safe path.” It will most likely be the most illogical, worldly speaking. And you can be sure it’s outside your comfort zone. But His path is where you will find fulfillment and bear fruit.



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