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The Difference between Knowing About God and KNOWING God

This post started as a teaching send-off at our church's Wednesday morning Bible Study this week as we're going through the study I wrote this summer on 1 & 2 Samuel. Several ladies asked for a copy of this teaching, so I figured I would post it for you all. I would love to give… Continue reading The Difference between Knowing About God and KNOWING God

My 15 Minutes, Reading God's Word

My 15 Minutes

Not so long ago I gave you a challenge. Do you remember what it was? Let me give you a hint: 15 Minutes. I challenged you to nourish your soul before you nourished your body. I challenged you to read your Bible for 15 minutes every morning for a month. (read more about the challenge here)… Continue reading My 15 Minutes

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But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 1

“But I don’t feel forgiven!” She said in exasperation over a cup of coffee. Ah, there it is. That’s the real issue, isn’t it? Or is it? This sweet Sister confessed her sin; she laid it all out before her Savior. She asked for God’s forgiveness, and He’s faithfully given it. (1 John 1:9) But… Continue reading But I Don’t ‘Feel’ Forgiven…Part 1

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What does your Heart Crave?

What does your heart crave? What makes it burn? When you’re alone with your thoughts, your dreams—what do you imagine? What do you see? I have countless dreams. Many of which have been planted in my heart by God Himself. They include becoming a published author and speaker, proclaiming the Name of Jesus, and revealing… Continue reading What does your Heart Crave?

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January’s Lesson

The Vibrant Relevance of God’s Word nailed me last week! And I didn’t even feel the blow until later when it started to sting. When I opened my Bible for my quiet time, I didn’t get further than this: I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place… Continue reading January’s Lesson

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Attitude, Part 2–Nuts, Guts, Heart, and Mind

Attitude is a choice. Like wrestling, it takes nuts, guts, heart, and mind. And in the face of adversity-God gives us what we need for victory. (Thank you Tim Hartung for your contributions.)

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Where Are You Chrsitmas?

Struggling with the Christmas Spirit this year? Feeling like Scrooge, The Grinch, or Cindy Lou Who? I get it. Join me as we remember what we're celebrating...The Story, from Bethlehem to Calvary.

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Our Best For Him–Even when You Don’t Feel Your Best

Being sick sucks! Wouldn’t you agree? It takes more than it gives and when it’s over, you have to play catch-up. For two weeks now a virus has had its way with my family. We’ve dropped one-by-one, like dominos falling in slow motion. And when a few of us start to get back up, BAM… Continue reading Our Best For Him–Even when You Don’t Feel Your Best

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Psalm 100, Part 5: COME!

I don’t know about you, but after worshiping with other Believers, I feel encouraged! No matter what season I’m in, what challenges I’m facing, what I’m wrestling with, or how broken I am—I always feel refreshed, refocused, and more hopeful. Come.
'Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!' Psalms 34:8

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Psalm 100, Part 4: Serving Others

What if I told you serving others in the name of Jesus Christ is a form of worship AND can be instrumental in your healing? Would you believe me?