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What does your Heart Crave?

What does your heart crave? What makes it burn? When you’re alone with your thoughts, your dreams—what do you imagine? What do you see? I have countless dreams. Many of which have been planted in my heart by God Himself. They include becoming a published author and speaker, proclaiming the Name of Jesus, and revealing… Continue reading What does your Heart Crave?

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January’s Lesson

The Vibrant Relevance of God’s Word nailed me last week! And I didn’t even feel the blow until later when it started to sting. When I opened my Bible for my quiet time, I didn’t get further than this: I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place… Continue reading January’s Lesson

Jesus in Everyday Life

Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus

If you were to write a Valentine to Jesus, what would it say? Would it be short and sweet or would it take up sheets and sheets? It doesn't' matter if you have a Valentine or not, there is One who pursues you with His unrelenting love today. Everyday. He doesn't need flowers, chocolate, or… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus

Jesus in Everyday Life

Attitude. Part 4. Tyler’s Choice To Change

Tyler is a gifted athlete. He’s fast and agile. He’s strong and aggressive. And he’s competitive. Very competitive. All his life he’s been able to excel using the simple formula of combining his familiarity with that sport and his natural talent. Whenever he tries a new sport, he thrives after only a few practices. Granted,… Continue reading Attitude. Part 4. Tyler’s Choice To Change

Jesus in Everyday Life, My Story

What have you learned this January?

I am so very sorry for my silence. I ask for your forgiveness. As you know, last month was a doozy for me. I fought to keep a positive attitude. Willed it is more accurate. But the truth is, I was wearier than I have been--well since I can remember. These last few weeks, I didn't… Continue reading What have you learned this January?