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Follow Friday: Jeanne Doyon

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Sometimes God blesses you with people you didn’t know you needed until they were there. That’s how I feel about Jeanne. Over the last few months, she has been a light and a blessing in my life.

And the more I’ve gotten to know her, the more I’ve been able to appreciate her and her heart–a heart that beats with kindness and love. It’s so refreshing!

Jeanne Doyon writes and speaks from the heart, connecting the Truth of Scripture to everyday life. Her passion is to pause and see God’s presence around us and in His word. She teaches at women’s retreats and events throughout New England. Need an event speaker? Contact her about bringing a message to your next Christian women’s event or retreat.

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Sitting by the Pond

sitting by the pondI hid away for a few hours this past week, sitting by the pond near my home. I used to bring my kids when they were young. Small. Close. Convenient. It’s been fifteen years since the last time I visited.

Life changes. Kids move away from home.

Things may change, but sitting by the pond still fills my soul.

When I need to be filled, I need to have a place to be quiet. So, I decided to take a quiet day once a month through the end of the year just to listen. Especially in relation to what’s next in ministry.

sitting by the pondI packed a bag with my Bible, journal, and lunch, and drove to Mashamoquet State Park. I didn’t swim. I didn’t even put my feet in the water. I simply parked my chair on the sandy beach and listened to the breeze in the trees.

My lunch was yummy. Why does everything taste better when you eat outside? My turkey & red pepper sandwich with chips and the sweetest grapes on the planet tasted like haute cuisine in a beach chair.

Seeing My Surroundings

As more people began to arrive, a mom, dad, and three kids with water wings walked past and set their things down near the water’s edge. Dad apologized for the intrusion and said he hoped they wouldn’t interrupt my solitude. We chatted a bit.

We chatted a bit.

I went back to enjoying my lunch. He focused on his kids, watching them swim, dig in the sand, and catch minnows. He’s never far away, enjoying their attempts. Sometimes he called them deeper:

Dad: “Walk to me.”

“Swim to me. You can do it.”

“Hang onto me. I’ve got you!”

He scooped them up in his strong arms taking them into deeper water. He enjoyed time with them – the relationship – the nearness – and seeing the joy on their faces.

Daughter: “Come with me.”

Dad: “Okay, here I come. I’m following you.”

Daughter: “Help me, Daddy! I don’t know what to do.”

Then God Spoke

sitting by the pondI began to see my Heavenly Father like this dad with his daughter. Her dad picked her up and carried her, just like our Heavenly Daddy who is always near, seeing the joy on our faces when we create, and loving the relationship.

My questions about His direction for me seemed to be answered with the realization that God, like this earthly dad, simply enjoys seeing his children seek relationship and attempt new things. It’s seeing that fear shouldn’t hold me back from jumping in because He will be there to help.

Then I heard Him clearly.

I heard my Heavenly Daddy say, “You can do it.”

My heart settled and I whispered, “Help me, Daddy. I don’t know what to do.”

Then He said, “Come to me; I’m right here.”

Are you facing something difficult today? Are you pondering a new direction?

Your Heavenly Papa says, “Come to Me…”

Thank you for joining us today!! Please remember to check out and follow Jeanne’s social media profiles and website (links above).

Blessings, xoxo


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5 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Jeanne Doyon”

  1. Thank you! I agree. Her message was extremely timely for me too. Interestingly I read it weeks ago and loved it. But when I read it again this week, it resonated to my core. Blessing to you. I pray you will make some time to climb into you Father’s lap for some time of solitude as well. It’s these times when I’ve learned the most life-altering lessons. I think you will too. 🧡

  2. What a timely message.. thank you for always sharing your heart Jeanne. It was, as always, right on point!

  3. What a sweet reminder of our heavenly Father’s care for us. I’m blessed to know about Cheyenne’s blog and Jeanne’s message. Thank you

  4. Thanks so much for inviting me to share on Follow Friday!! I am blessed to have met you, Cheyenne. You are such an encourager!! I love how the Holy Spirit knows the word we need before we do 🙂 So glad this spoke to your heart also.

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