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What have you learned this January?

resolutions derailedI am so very sorry for my silence. I ask for your forgiveness.

As you know, last month was a doozy for me. I fought to keep a positive attitude. Willed it is more accurate. But the truth is, I was wearier than I have been–well since I can remember. These last few weeks, I didn’t have the energy, strength, or mental capacity to write or read much of anything. I journaled, I prayed, I rested.

I needed a break. I needed to take some time to be refreshed. I needed to get my head and heart right. And I needed to catch up on my other responsibilities–you know those ones you push off to the side saying, I’ll get to that later when the dust settles a little. Yeah, those. Unfortunately, I had a month’s accumulation of “those.” But hey, who needs clean socks and underwear anyway?

But I’ve missed you and I’m thrilled to have the strength to write again! My heart is filled with joy and anticipation as I prepare the things God has laid on my heart this past month. To take the mound of notes, ideas, and jottings written on scraps of paper collecting on my desk and formulate them into something intelligible and worthy of sharing. To discover God’s Vibrant Relevance in our daily lives.

But before I give too much away, I want to pose a question to you. I asked this on my FB author page and my Instagram page:

What did you learn in January?

From many people I’ve talked to, January didn’t go as we planned. Every effort to stay on track, keep going, or get started seemed to throw us backward rather than propel us forward. Unforeseen challenges got in the way. Circumstances beyond our control kept us from pursuing the goals we’ve laid out and broken down.

So now what?

Rather than feeling discouraged and giving up, what options do we have?

After I finish writing Tyler’s story, I’m going to tackle this. But I would love to hear what you’ve learned and incorporate your lessons into that post. You’re welcome to comment on this post or via email if you wish to remain anonymous. I believe learning from each other makes us better and gives us more information to make wise choices and readjustments when needed.



One more thing.

Meet Chloe, the newest member of our family. You can bet she will be featured in several posts in the near future. The inspiration she offers is bountiful! Look at that mischievous face–good things she’s cute. HA!



15 thoughts on “What have you learned this January?”

  1. Well said, my friend. I will be praying for you. I’ve been there. And once the anger and bitterness are gone, there’s room for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control to come in. And life seems much more enjoyable.

    January was a month where God was teaching me all about true forgiveness! Things happen and people change. But God remains the same! Yesterday, today and forever!
    Letting go of my desires and giving him all of who I am over and over and over again iscthe only way I can heal and draw near to Him! Any unforgiveness I hold onto only separates me from Him! So I let go again! Prayer and supplication equal true peace! So January has taught me to Ler Go of myself and just forgive!


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