Jesus in Everyday Life, This Week's Memory Verse

My Verse(s) this week: Psalms 30:5; Psalm 51:12

All through my season of depression and my current season of refinement and deep purpose I keep telling myself, “Choose joy, Cheyenne. Choose joy!”

I tell myself over and over that

  • Joy is a choice NOT a feeling
  • Joy is a quality of the fruit of the Spirit not an emotion.

Psalms 30:5 keeps rolling around in my head:

For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime!
Weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning.

I love this promise. I hold on to it. Cling to it. In the past, it’s been my candle in the darkness. My life-preserver in the storm. But this time, there was something missing. Not in a bad way, but I felt there was something more out there. Something I was missing…I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

Then this past week I looked up joy in my New Bible Dictionary, and here’s what I learned:

  • In both the Old and New Testaments
    • Joy is an attribute, a character trait of both the individual Believer and the Church at large
    • Joy can be accompanied by emotion of happiness but doesn’t have to be because our joy comes from God and not ourselves
    • Joy is established in God Himself, it’s part of His character and then it’s extrapolated from Him to us
  • Joy depicts the Christian life here on Earth
  • Joy looks forward to our eternal like with Jesus in Heaven
  • Joy is a gift from the Holy spirit “which may be interrupted by sin, [*ouch!] every believer is called upon to share in the joy of Christ by a daily walk with Him and a daily practice of rejoicing in the knowledge of Him and His salvation.”

And there is was! The missing link.

Joy is a gift from the Holy spirit “which may be interrupted by sin, [*ouch!] every believer is called upon to share in the joy of Christ by a daily walk with Him and a daily practice of rejoicing in the knowledge of Him AND His salvation.”

A daily walk with Him.

A daily practice of rejoicing in Him.

A daily practice of rejoicing in His salvation.

This is something we share with other Believers and with Jesus Himself every single day we have our feet on this planet!

This definition brought me back to the basics: the dailiness of our needs and our calling requires the dailiness of our faith in order to completely surrender to Him and His will.

“Give us this day our DAILY bread.” Jesus prayed. Tomorrow is a new day and has it’s own requirements. Yesterday is gone. God, give us what we need to be faithful and to serve you TODAY.

Then I immediately thought of Psalms 51:12:

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.

Relishing in the joy of Jesus’s salvation (and everything that entails). Not my salvation. His. His salvation. His grace. His gift. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

A gift I can accept or reject.

And from that JOY comes COMPLETE surrender.

So I guess we got two verses this week. Not one.

Pray with me:
Jesus, restore the joy of Your Salvation to me! Infuse me with it. Illuminate all the dark corners with it. Leave nothing untouched. Unrefined. Because once I fully grasp the JOY of YOUR salvation, complete surrender will be natural. How could it not be? Lord, help me deliberate. Diligent. Determined to make this a daily practice so when the storms blow, when the tears come in torrents, when depressions looms, when seasons of refinement consume me I will KNOW the true meaning of The JOY of the Lord is MY Strength!

Blessings, xoxo


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9 thoughts on “My Verse(s) this week: Psalms 30:5; Psalm 51:12”

  1. Sometimes.

    But not always.

    Sometimes it’s a chemical imbalance (in my case) in the brain. And when things get out of whack certain receptors don’t work not does the production of some biochemicals.

    But there is also an element of choice that goes inot play. Which is why I shared the 10 mistakes I made in and

    And sometimes God allows us a season of darkness to refine us, draw us closer to Himself, to demonstrate need for Him, to humble us, to_________.

  2. We must cling to God’s promises each and every day. We start anew each morning taking the hand of Jesus as we begin the day. Joy is ours in Christ forever! Amen! Thank you for sharing a powerful message of hope for all people.

  3. Love this! I am so grateful! Love you my friend! Joy. It’s not an elusive entity. It there, ready to be aborbed and lived–daily! xoxo

  4. You too! I don’t think we can surrender to Him until we fully grasp what the gift of His Salvation cost Him and is offered to us free of chrge. May we never forget and may we always be intentional about remembering daily. Blessings! CHOOSE JOY today! Drink deep and long. And then follow His lead today.

  5. Truth!! In His presence is joy. It is indeed a gift, an outpouring and in-filling of His Spirit. Thanks for this, Cheyenne. When you articulate the process, my Spirit rides on your exclamations.

  6. Love this message, Cheyenne! This is an area I have needed to work on time and time again. My joy is in the finished work of Christ and that never changes and never loses its beauty. I frequently ask the LORD to renew within me the joy of my salvation. As we visualize daily, our Savior on the cross in our place, the gratitude overflows anew. I am learning to literally visualize this to remind myself of His amazing grace and love for me. You are so right, it is truly a daily return to God, bringing our dry and weary souls for a fresh drink from the well of Living Water. Yesterday’s drink will never carry us through today. May you be refreshed in His unending grace again today!

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