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Take 5: Our Attitude. Our Choice.

Where we fix our thoughts is our choice.

And it’s a crucial choice.

Why? Because what we fix our thoughts on, is what we invite into our heart. And what’s in our heart determines our attitude.

When we have a bad day, when things aren’t going our way—where is our focus? On our irritations. Disappointments. Hurts. And our attitude? It’s in the toilet. And like a greased pig, those negative thoughts shoot off in every direction, stirring up all kinds chaos and in our heart and mind—repelling those we most want to reach with Christ’s Gospel.

Let me remind you, Satan is still the prince of this fallen world, so bad things are going to happen. Count on it. We’re going to get hurt. Promises will be broken. People will gossip about us and undermine our efforts. Friends will be jealous of our success. Co-workers and people we trust will steal our positions and ideas. Stress is inevitable. Workloads will be unbearable. We’ll face obstacles and road blocks.

BUT, remember WHOSE you are! This world is NOT our home!

In our times of disappointment and hurt, when our attitude stinks, we must determine to fix our thoughts on Jesus, so we can praise Him with a joyful heart—even through our tears.

  • When we hurt, He’ll hold us
  • When we grip onto His promises, we’re secure in our faith
  • When we cling to The Rock, we won’t be blown and tossed by our ever-changing emotions
  • When we invite His Spirit to refresh our soul, our emotions will clear and we’ll avoid temptations to sin
  • When we humble ourselves before God, He’ll guide our steps and words
  • When we direct our focus to Jesus, we’ll be prepared and excited for His return

The Enemy is going to do everything in his power to break you. To destroy you. But your Savior has you in His hands—making you. Shaping you. And Satan is TERRIFIED! He knows the power your story has in to point others to Jesus. He knows the strength of your faith will encourage others to grow in their own. He knows you are a threat to the Gates of Hell as an Ambassador of The King!

So guard your attitude.

And ask yourself, “Where is my focus today? This moment?”

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. ~ Proverbs 17:22, ESV



4 thoughts on “Take 5: Our Attitude. Our Choice.”

  1. Dear My Beloved Sister in Christ. Mrs. Cheyenne Olson. Great Preacher and Beloved Teacher. Thank you for your nice and long letter, very delicious cermony. All thoughts in mind came out of Our heart, we have the freedom to choose, what is good or what is bad.Satan is still for bad, so bad things are going to happen such to get hurt, promises be broken, people will gossip about us, stress, work loads, we will face obstacle, But when our attitude stinks we must fix our thoughts on Jesus, so we can praisd Him with a joyful heart, and we will be prepared and excited for His return. We say with David( Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God: thy Spirit is good, lead me into the land of uprightness) (Psalms 143:10) and the Paul the Apostle said ( by a new and living way, which he “Jesus” hath concecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say his flesh,) (Hebrews 10:20) and said (For even here unto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example, that ye Should follow his steps,) (1Peter 2:21) we must be have thought of Jesus, God bless you and your family as well all staff working with you in your ministry. You are always very very dear to my heart and my mind, and you are in my folks heart and mind. Much love. Your Brother in Christ. Mr. Sabry Abdo Elias. Email : sabryabdo524@gmail.com – – – – – – With my Best regards to your husband and your Son Macron and his girl friend Ana and her mother Kelly and Eve and Andy McGuire God bless you all With you have a Blessed Day.

    On Thu, 27 Aug 2020, 1:02 p.m. Vibrant Relevance, wrote:

    > Cheyenne Olson posted: ” Where we fix our thoughts is our choice. And it’s > a crucial choice. Why? Because what we fix our thoughts on, is what we > invite into our heart. And what’s in our heart determines our attitude. > When we have a bad day, when things aren’t going” >

  2. I am so thankful God is using my writing to encourage you. We are not alone in our weaknesses. I believe we need to talk about them more and encourage each other through them. Taking advantage of opportunities to share with God has done through our weaknesses. How he has used them for his glory in spreading the gospel and encouraging others and spiritual growth. Love you too!

  3. Thank you for what you do! The things you write about are weaknesses we all have experienced. You have uplifted me on several occasions because I realize I am not alone in my weaknesses. God uses people to help others in their spiritual growth and he is using you. Sometimes it may take me awhile to read your posts but I save them all until I read them. Thank you again for what you do. Love you!
    Jean Giles

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