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Take 5: Be On Guard

God gave Adam and Eve two tasks Tend the gardenWatch over the garden In Rest: Work is a Gift I told you the word “tend” is the Hebrew word ‘abad,’ and it means to work or to serve either things, people, or God. “Watch over” is the Hebrew word ‘samar.’ And it means to watch,… Continue reading Take 5: Be On Guard

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Rest: The Work-Rest Imbalance

When is the last time your perspective about something changed dramatically? In other words, when is the last time you had a complete about-face after an in-your-face confrontation? For me, about two weeks and continuing… I shared in Running on Empty God recently confronted me about the work-rest imbalance in my life and ministry; exposing… Continue reading Rest: The Work-Rest Imbalance

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Let’s Combat S.A.D.–part 1

Do you wear a mask? Pretend everything is okay when it’s not? Do you smile and laugh with those around you but inside you’re hurting? Lonely. Afraid. Dying. Do you spend a lot of energy building up and encouraging those around you while not addressing your own doubts and fears? Not facing your own brokenness?… Continue reading Let’s Combat S.A.D.–part 1

Follow Friday, Guest Post

Follow Friday: Jeanne Doyon

As I shared with you in Unmasked, there are many things I stopped doing in my state of depression and overwhelm. One of those was Follow Friday. And for this, I am so sorry. This is one of those things I have really enjoyed! I have met so many amazing fellow writers/speakers/teachers, and it's thrilled… Continue reading Follow Friday: Jeanne Doyon