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Take 5: Be On Guard

God gave Adam and Eve two tasks Tend the gardenWatch over the garden In Rest: Work is a Gift I told you the word “tend” is the Hebrew word ‘abad,’ and it means to work or to serve either things, people, or God. “Watch over” is the Hebrew word ‘samar.’ And it means to watch,… Continue reading Take 5: Be On Guard

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Rest: Work is a Gift

God demonstrated the pleasure and joy found in work done with excellence. (read more about that here) And then… He passed that same pleasure and joy onto us. As creatures created in God’s very own image, we were always meant to work. And work was intended to bring us pleasure and joy—total satisfaction from a… Continue reading Rest: Work is a Gift

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Not Today Satan–Part 2, Empowered

Disclaimer: When I wrote Not Today Satan I didn’t expect to write a “part two.” But God had other plans. As I already shared: Last Friday, when I read the words, "The Bible study is officially off to the printer!" I was exhilarated! But before the first whoop left my lips, fear gripped me so… Continue reading Not Today Satan–Part 2, Empowered