Follow Friday!! Michelle Bengtson

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Michelle and I met through Facebook and have become prayer partners.

She is an amazing woman of integrity and joy who practices what she preaches, even as she battles cancer. She knows what it is for Satan to steal your joy and to get it back again through the strength and power of the hope that only Jesus Christ offers.

Michelle is honest, sincere, and real as this blog post reveals. I can’t wait to hear how it resonates with you.

Comparison is something I’ve wrestled with my entire life–from childhood until now. In all areas of my life–educations, athletics, appearance, and writing. It’s held me back, fed my insecurities, and even eroded my own joy. But Michelle’s wise and encouraging words gave me hope as she leveled the playing field for everyone, negating the need to compare. Read More


colossians 3_23 (1)

Up until this past year, I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of praying for a WORD for the year. Partly because I didn’t want to be sucked into a new fad but mostly because I didn’t see the point.

I mean, what good can one WORD do?

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Follow Friday! Julie Holmquist

follow friday

I was new to blogging. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was terrified. Unsure. Insecure.

Would anyone read what I’m writing? Is what I’m writing make sense? Is it worth reading? If you’re a writer, you’re intimate with these questions, insecurities, and fears.

Then I got a message from a sweet woman who liked what I was doing with Deuteronomy (a series I never finished I might add.) Turned out, Deuteronomy is one of her favorite books too.

As messages flowed back-and-forth, a friendship ignited, tended and fed by the Spirit of the Loving God. Over this past year, our friendship blossomed into a sisterhood. A relationship based on Jesus and a desire to love and pray for each other. We’ve confided in each other, encouraged each other, laughed together, and cried together.

When I had this idea for Follow Friday, I naturally bounced it off Julie. She was immediately on board, praying for me and those who would join me on this endeavor.

And today, I have the joy, pleasure, and privilege to introduce you to this amazing woman. Her love and passion for God’s Word are real and sincere. Her wisdom and love flow from her relationship with her Savior and pour into her words (written or spoken) to meet you where you are at and minister to your need.


Facebook: Stuff of Heaven

Twitter: Stuff of Heaven

Instagram: Stuff of Heaven

Website:https: Stuff of Heaven

Julie Holmquist is a writer with a passion to see people encouraged, equipped, and empowered to look beyond their circumstances and live out their God-given callings. Besides writing on her blog at Stuff of Heaven, she’s been featured in Devotable, Wholly Loved Ministries, and Refocus. She and her husband have four sons and have recently relocated to North Carolina.

The Confident Woman

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Goal Setting Part 6: Time Management–Fast. Fluid. Flexible.

Ephesians 5_15-16

Time management is complicated.

There are so many distractions, things, people, events, opportunities, and responsibilities vying for our time. Wanting, needing, demanding your attention. There are your own goals and ambitions to consider. Not to mention hobbies and the need to rest. Add in the unpredictability of life (illnesses, injuries, emergencies, unplanned meetings or assignments) along with the fact that how we best manage and balance our time changes from season to season; and managing this priceless resource becomes much more difficult.

So today I want to share 3 hard-learned principles to help you be more successful with your time management.

  1. Fast: Determine when your GO TIME is
  2. Fluid: Try new routines until you discover what works best for your season
  3. Flexible: Have a routine, BUT BE FLEXIBLE!

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Follow Friday! Misty Hinckley Phillip

follow friday

Sometimes God offers you a gift so precious, that you don’t understand its value until after you’ve unwrapped it and owned it for a while. This is the case with my sweet friend Misty. We met on Facebook a while back, and over time have developed a friendship that is centered on a mutual love of Jesus, encouragement, and prayer. It doesn’t matter the time of day, I know she will stop and pray, offer a word of encouragement, or pour her wisdom into life. Her heart and passion for God’s Word and His People inspire me more than I have words to describe. Read More

Musings on 2018. “TRUST Me.” & Top 5 Blog Posts.

Happy New Year

2018 is gone. With all it’s highs and lows. Blessings and challenges. Victories and disappointments.

When you look back over the year, what do you see? What thoughts are running through your mind? Emotions coursing through your heart?

What is your attitude about saying goodbye to 2018?

  • Good Riddance! I’m out.
  • Bittersweet
  • Laced with sadness.

I think I fall into Read More

Goal Setting Part 5: Tips and Tools for Time Management

Psalms 90_2


It’s a great equalizer, isn’t it? Everyone has the exact same amount of time in a day, a week, a month, a year. The clock ticks are the same for you as they are for me. For the CEO of a fortune 500 company and for the homeless person on the street.

We can’t buy, sell, or store it. We can’t really save it, invest it, or erase it—even though we like to say we can. We can’t control it; speed it up or slow it down. We can’t stop it. And once it’s gone, we can’t get it back…ever.

But… Read More

Tips On How To Keep A Prayer Journal

1 Thes 5_17

I haven’t always kept a prayer journal.

In fact, this is a recent (like within the last year, recent) spiritual discipline I’ve determined to be more diligent about.

I will share how He changed me through this discipline at the end.

See, I used to only pray when Read More

Tips On How to Keep a Bible Study Journal

Journal pages.1Ok, you guys, here is a page from one of my personal Quiet Time Journals. Ignore the spelling and grammar errors, please. 🙂

Keeping a Bible study journal is my favorite way to engage with Scripture in my quiet time.

It helps me process what I’m reading and slows me down so what I’m reading can penetrate my heart—and change my life. It’s also a way for me to Read More

Goal Setting Part 4: Revamping our Spiritual Life

Watch the Facebook Live video for this post, here

Jeremiah 29_13

Goal setting in your spiritual life?

It’s a strange concept, isn’t it?

Maybe not.

If anything, we’re wise to be mindful of our relationship with God and seek ways to improve it. Because let’s face it, if we’re estranged from God, it’s us who moved away…not Him. (See James 4:1-10) Read More

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